Suit for Ford,Renault

Our factory is specialized in manufacturing turbos used for various vehicles.The part of Ford turbochargers,we sale all kinds of Ford C-MAX  turbocharger;Ford Escort  turbo;Ford F250 Powerstroke turbocharger;Ford F350 Powerstroke turbo;Ford Fiesta V turbocharger;Ford Fiesta VI  turbo;Ford Fiesta VIII turbocharger;Ford Focus I turbo;Ford Focus II turbocharger;Ford Focus III turbo;Ford Fusion turbocharger;Ford Galaxy  turbo;Ford Galaxy II turbocharger;Ford Ka turbo;Ford Kuga  turbocharger;Ford Maverick turbo;Ford Mondeo I turbocharger;Ford Mondeo II turbo;Ford Mondeo III turbocharger;Ford Mondeo IV turbo;Ford Orion III  turbocharger;Ford Probe  turbo;Ford Ranger turbocharger;Ford Scorpio I turbo;Ford S-Max turbocharger;Ford Taurus SHO EcoBoost turbo;Ford Tourneo VI turbocharger;Ford Transit IV turbo;Ford Transit V turbocharger;Ford Transit VI turbo;Ford Transit Connect turbocharger,ect.

The part of Renault turbochargers,we sale all kinds of Renault Avantime turbo;Renault Captur turbocharger;Renault Clio II  turbo;Renault Clio III turbocharger;Renault Clio IV turbo;Renault Espace I turbocharger;Renault Espace II turbo;Renault Espace III  turbocharger;Renault Espace IV turbo;Renault Fluence turbocharger;Renault Kangoo turbo;Renault Kangoo I turbocharger;Renault Kangoo II turbo;Renault Koleos turbocharger;Renault Laguna I  turbo;Renault Laguna II turbocharger;Renault Laguna III turbo;Renault Mascott  turbocharger;Renault Master I turbo,Renault Master II turbocharger;Renault Master III  turbo;Renault Maxity  turbocharger;Renault Megane I turbo;Renault Megane II turbocharger;Renault Megane III turbo;Renault Messenger turbocharger;Renault Modus turbo;Renault Primastar turbocharger;Renault R 11  turbo;Renault R 19  turbocharger;Renault Scenic II  turbo;Renault Scenic III  turbocharger;Renault Sofim Van DI D turbo;Renault Trafic II turbocharger;Renault Vel Satis turbo;Renault-LKW turbocharger;ect.

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