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Hardinge CNC turning machine


Processing project:

Compressor housing

Turbine housing

Bearing housing

Compressor wheel

Turbine wheel

Electron parts

The turbo rotor shalt & wheel balancing test


Test project: rotor and shaft assembly

Testing standards: the detection accuracy of 0.0001g   

Test frequency of 100%

Turbo cartridge balancing test


High+precision technics overall balancing test machine

Test project:cartridge

Testing standards:vibration detection

Testing standards:vibration detection frequency +1%,99% inspection frequency

By pass valve test


Test project:bypass valve

Testing standards:detection accuracy test +0.5%

The detection frequency of 99%

Overall performance test


Test project:turbocharger comprehensive performance test

Complete turbocharger durability test

Testing standards:the main performance of turbocharger

Self-circulation test and durability test

To ensure the performance and reliability of the product

Throttle body idle flow test banch


Test project:throttle body

Throttle position sensor test bench


Test project:throttle position sensor

IAC motor test bench


Test project:idle air control valve motor