Suit for Komatsu

Our factory is specialized in manufacturing turbos used for various vehicles.The part of Komatsu turbochargers,we sale all kinds of Komatsu 465-5  turbo;Komatsu Baumaschine turbocharger;Komatsu D150A  turbo;Komatsu D85A -21 turbocharger;Komatsu D85EX -15 turbo;Komatsu EG300 turbocharger;Komatsu LW250-5  turbo;Komatsu PC1250 -7 turbocharger;Komatsu PC130 -7 turbo;Komatsu PC150  turbocharger;Komatsu PC200 turbo;Komatsu PC300  turbocharger;Komatsu PC400 turbo;Komatsu PC450 -7 turbocharger;Komatsu Radlader turbo;Komatsu WA400 -3 turbocharger;Komatsu WA450 turbo;Komatsu WA480 turbocharger;Komatsu WA700 turbo;

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