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OH,my god! just oil,my turbo......

OH,my god! just oil,my turbo......


Machine is like people,if you treat her right,it will be good for you long time.
On the turbocharger under the action of air into the combustion chamber, greatly increase the amount, in the engine combustion chamber volume under the condition of invariable, equivalent to improve the compression ratio of the engine, the working strength is high.

High machining precision of the turbocharged engine assembly technique, strict. These are decided by the turbo engine in high temperature, high speed, large power, large torque, low emission conditions. So in the selection of the turbocharged engine used for oil, the oil must have good wear resistance, high temperature resistant, easy to build high strength oil film.

Synthetic oil at present or semi synthetic oil can satisfy this requirement, so in addition to the provisions of the use of original oil,also can use synthetic oil, synthetic oil of high quality lube oil.

So,choose good oil,your turbocharger will be working for u long time.But premise behind these,you need a high quality turbocharger,choose our Junfeng turbocharger,we can give you the most professional of using guidance,and the highest cost-effective items.